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An appraisal fee depends on the location and uniqueness of the property as well as the report's intended use. Tell us a little about the assignment, and we'll reply as soon as possible with your fee quote and an estimate of how long it may take.

Questions such as
(a) Is the property sub-dividable?
(b) Does the property include outbuildings? This is important since the appraiser may have to measure various buildings, small and large, such as a Barn, oversized detached garage or sheds, all of which can increase the cost of an appraisal.
(c) Size of the property, i.e., lot size. If the site is very large then the appraiser may have to search for acreage which might entail additional time/labor.
(d) Size of the improvement, such as the home. This also may require additional time/labor.
(e) Does it have water views? Is it waterfront? Each item more than likely will require additional work or time/labor.
(f) Is the effective date in the past? Sometimes this information requires additional work.
(e)Where is the subject property? Our appraisals have been performed in Westchester County, all five Borough's, Nassau County and in the various towns in Suffolk County plus Fisher's Island. Obviously the cost for an appraisal in Manhattan is different then an appraisal on Shelter Island.
(g) # of Intended Users can also have an affect on the appraisal fee.

There are other variables but any item which may require additional searching or time will result in additional costs.