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April 29th, 2019 2:54 PM
So what is BRACKETING and how does it relate to this approach to value. When you select comparable's to adjust for difference with your subject property it is important to pick Higher and Lower variables or items like GLA, condition, views, site area and large exterior amenities thus placing the subject's variable towards the middle, so that the positive and negative adjustments will tend to cancel each other out. This also reduces the impact of using adjustment factors that are too high or low.
It is important to use reasonable adjustment factors but time spent on a comprehensive detailed support for every adjustment factor would probably increase the amount of time spent on the assignment and raise the appraisal fee to a point where clients simply wouldn't pay for an appraisal. 

Posted by Richard Wayne Abatelli on April 29th, 2019 2:54 PMPost a Comment

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