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March 9th, 2021 3:35 PM
Determining the value of a home or real estate in general depends on both art and science. Yes, there is an increasing availability of massive amounts of data and the ability to analyze that information. Analysis of millions of pieces of disparate data informs nearly every decision made involving residential real estate.
Real estate agents, consumers, investors, mortgage lenders, insurance companies and other financial institutions need accurate valuations to inform their immediate decisions about investing in real estate. But big data has a deeper value than just estimating today's property value's. It can be used to evaluate ongoing risks that could impact not only future property values but also the cost of maintaining and perhaps repairing properties. We have all seen risk due to climate change, natural disasterstypical storms and environmental hazards. You now can add crime data and school district data.
A deep understanding of the risks associated with a property and a community is essential. Call or text 631.513.0442 or visit

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